Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Honey and Her Little Friend Romeo

So about a week ago Rob called and said that we were going to be watching a dog for a client of his. I was a little nervous because Honey can be not so nice around other dogs, especially small ones. Honey did great!! I think that it was nice for her to have a little friend for awhile. Romeo is a Maltese and is the one on the right. Honey would walk on these bricks and Romeo would try and follow her but he would go very slow and fall off here and there. It was pretty funny to watch them together :)

I put Honey's bed out under the tree next to Romeo's kennel, but Romeo loved Honey's little bed and laid it most of the time.

Honey didn't even mind Romeo being in her bed (she really never uses it that much). Look at all their toys!

Romeo goes home tomorrow. It was fun having him and I think it was really good for Honey!! Maybe she will start to be better around other dogs :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

My garden is finally in!!

This weekend we finished my garden! Sat Bobby was so wonderful at helped my fill them with dirt. It took about 3 yards. He did most of the work, but I tried to help as much as I could. In this bed we have peppers, onions, cucumbers, cantaloupe, and sugar snap peas!

So in this bed I have tomatoes, lettuce, herbs, green beans, and more sugar snap peas!!

I just love them! I can't wait till they are actually producing! Thanks to everyone who helped me with them. You will be getting some of the produce for sure :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Raised Garden Beds

Last weekend Joe and Dutch came over and helped me build these raised beds form my garden. I was so very grateful for there help!! They are wonderful brothers to come and help me do this on a Sat. We got most of it done on Sat. except the finishing edge around the one closest to dad. So dad and dutch came over today and helped me finish them! Dad really helped me fix them cuz they were a little screwy :) He made them perfectly straight. Thanks again guys for helping you will be getting lots of fresh veggies this summer :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Peyton's Birthday Party!!

First of all a huge thanks to Michelle who made up all of the clues the day she was going into the hospital!! You were a huge lifesaver! Love ya:) So we finally were finally able to have Peyton's party. She had a meet every weekend until last weekend. Anyway she decided that she wanted to have a scavenger hunt. Since we live in Portland there was no way that I could plan a scavenger hunt outside. So we decided to do it at the mall. It was so much fun!! I think that kids a really good time. After the scavenger hunt we went to Godfather's and had pizza and did her cake and presents.

Rob was not all that excited about being in charge of the boys team during the scavenger hunt, but I think that he had fun.

Jadyn Loved the cake as you can see!! :)

This is Austin and Tyler.

Brent and Zac

Laurel and Zac (for some reason Zac was in a lot of the pictures)

Adair, Kaitlyn, and Kirsten

This was the girls last clue they had to take a picture of themselves on the escalator.

Both the girls and boys team had the same clues just in different orders. So this is the clue where they had to pretend to be mannequins and see how people reacted.

On this clue they were supposed to get a sticker from Zumiez but they had ran out so we just took a picture out front.

So at Auntie Annies the had to get all twisted up and get a pic.

At Hot Dog on a Stick they just need to get a ketchup packet, but we wanted to take a pic anyway :)

Ok so on this one I found out that Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory sells chocolate covered bugs, not candy bugs but real bugs!! So they had to go there and one of the team members had to eat a bug. We were supposed to video tape it, but I couldn't figure out how to work they camera I was using, so I got a pic. It was so hilarious :)

Since Peyton and I are obsessed with Twilight and the DVD came out the day of her party we decide that one of the clues would be to find Edward and kiss him on the cheek. Peyton wasn't tall enough to reach the one that was standing up :)

They had to go into JC Penny's and find a crazy out fit and put it on. This is what they choose.

Ok so they were supposed to find a sexy mannequin and kiss it on the cheek. So do you know how hard it is to find any mannequin that has a head!!! So they aren't very sexy but they had to work.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Beginnings

As many of you know Peyton turned 12 on March 3. So she is now a Young Women!! YIKES!! New Beginnings was 2 days after her birthday. So I was supposed to write this 2-3 page paper about her life. So that should be pretty easy but it was really hard for me for some reason. I would of much rather made a video or slide show presentation. Anyway it turned out pretty good. I can't believe that she is in Young Womens!!

This is the other new Beehive. Her name is Shelby. But she doesn't come in until the end of next month. Before Peyton our ward hadn't had a new Beehive for almost 2 years, and after Shelby they won't have another one for about 1 1/2 years. Pretty Crazy.

Peyton and her friends

Peyton has such good friends. We are really proud of her for the friends that she has chosen. We found out at parent teacher conferences that her teachers agree with us. They both said that they are so happy to have her in class and that the friends that she has are really good kids. They also told us that she makes everyone feel welcome and never complains. Now we just need to get her to do that at home :)

We went bowling and out for ice cream. We found out that Brent is a really good bowler. The guy in the lane next to us was fascinated by him and really wanted him to join a league. It was kinda creepy.

Ok so Kirstin came over to spend the night and Rob and I kept hearing them giggling and running into the bathroom. They cam into the living room and said they had something to show us. Well this is what they were doing! That is marker all over there face!! Pretty Crazy girls but they were having so much fun:)

They had Crazy Hair Day at school earlier this month. Kaitlyn and Peyton had this great plan that Kaitlyn would come over to our house at 5 AM to get there hair ready. Well that didn't happen. We told them that 6:30 would be plenty of time for them to get ready. So Kaitlyn came over and they had a great time getting each other ready. There hair turned out great. There main concern was be crazy but still looking cute :)

Orchestra Performance

So Peyton had another orchestra performance. I will be happy when she is done with orchestra. That bass is such a pain. It is just so huge! And she is really over being in orchestra. Next year we will not be doing this :)

So I was finally able to download her playing her massive bass. I only recorded a little bit of the song. I think that was the problem last time. Anyway I hope you enjoy :)