Sunday, March 22, 2009

Peyton and her friends

Peyton has such good friends. We are really proud of her for the friends that she has chosen. We found out at parent teacher conferences that her teachers agree with us. They both said that they are so happy to have her in class and that the friends that she has are really good kids. They also told us that she makes everyone feel welcome and never complains. Now we just need to get her to do that at home :)

We went bowling and out for ice cream. We found out that Brent is a really good bowler. The guy in the lane next to us was fascinated by him and really wanted him to join a league. It was kinda creepy.

Ok so Kirstin came over to spend the night and Rob and I kept hearing them giggling and running into the bathroom. They cam into the living room and said they had something to show us. Well this is what they were doing! That is marker all over there face!! Pretty Crazy girls but they were having so much fun:)

They had Crazy Hair Day at school earlier this month. Kaitlyn and Peyton had this great plan that Kaitlyn would come over to our house at 5 AM to get there hair ready. Well that didn't happen. We told them that 6:30 would be plenty of time for them to get ready. So Kaitlyn came over and they had a great time getting each other ready. There hair turned out great. There main concern was be crazy but still looking cute :)

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