Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Honey and Her Little Friend Romeo

So about a week ago Rob called and said that we were going to be watching a dog for a client of his. I was a little nervous because Honey can be not so nice around other dogs, especially small ones. Honey did great!! I think that it was nice for her to have a little friend for awhile. Romeo is a Maltese and is the one on the right. Honey would walk on these bricks and Romeo would try and follow her but he would go very slow and fall off here and there. It was pretty funny to watch them together :)

I put Honey's bed out under the tree next to Romeo's kennel, but Romeo loved Honey's little bed and laid it most of the time.

Honey didn't even mind Romeo being in her bed (she really never uses it that much). Look at all their toys!

Romeo goes home tomorrow. It was fun having him and I think it was really good for Honey!! Maybe she will start to be better around other dogs :)


Angela said...

Aww my Bro is so funny with his little dogs :)

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