Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bobby's Dad (Bill) finally comes to visit!!!!!

Well Bill finally came to visit us!! We have been trying to get him up here forever. We had such a great time!! Can't wait to get him up here again soon!!!

Rob, Bill, and the envelope! That little envelope gave Bill a bit of grief. He had all of his money in that little envelope. After being here a couple days he couldn't find it and he had no idea where he had it last. Needless to say he was freaking out! That is pretty much all he could think about for 3 days. Well he finally found it. He had shoved it up into the sleeve of his coat so it wouldn't get lost :)

There is the famous envelope again.

Chillin at Dutch's Pad

While we were in Vegas we went to Dutch's apartment and chilled out and he played guitar for us. It was really fun!

Peyton posing of course! She always has to pose in some sort of way :)

Dutch getting ready to play for us. I have tried about a billion time to load the song he played on here and I can't get it to work. It's been very frustrating. Anyway I will load it on to youtube then I will put a link on here for it. If you haven't heard Dutch play then you are missing out. He is AMAZING!!!!! Ok I was able to put it on youtube so here is the link you got to listen to it. I also put a song called Cinderella Fish on youtube that Dutch and his friend Bryce made up. It is different everytime they sing it. They just make it up as they go. It's pretty funny here is the link

Darla, Luke and Peyton. I love this picture.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Finally learning to ride a bike!!

Yes Peyton has never learned to ride a bike, and has totally refused to learn until about 3 or 4 months ago. When she was about 5 I moved her training wheels up just a little bit so the bike would wobble a little, well she totally freaked and has had no desire to learn since. I'm sure your wondering what changed her mind...well she saw this little boy riding one of those tiny motorcylce things, anyway she thought he looked really silly and started making fun of him. So I told her well at least he can ride a bike!! Anyway that is what did it!!
Rob helping her to ride. This is really the only day that she was able to try.

Uncle Scott helping her. She like him helping her the best. She really likes to lean to her side so she struggled with her balance. I know that is crazy!! We are talking about a girls who tumbles around on a 4 inch beam! Anyway when the weather gets a little better her she can start trying again.

Weigh-Ins for UFC 92

We went and watched the weigh-ins for UFC 92. It was so much fun! Rob had to wait in line forever. We saw so many people. We really had a great time. :)
Peyton and Rob with his favorite fighter in the whole world (it's a cut out but who cares) GSP!

This is GSP's trainer in New Mexico Greg Jackson

Kenny Florian

David Loiseau

Keith Jardine

Joe Rogan talking to Forrest Griffin (who is one of my favorite fighters)

Rashad Evans

Frank Mir

Rampage Jackson

Wanderlei Silva

Rampage Jackson


Kongo and Al-Turk

Dana White

Yushin Okami and Dean Lister

Yushin Okami

Dean Lister had to take everything off to make weight. That's what the towel is for.

Joe Rogan

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Day in Vegas

Luke and Darla gave Peyton the massive stocking stuffed with a bunch of stuff to have a party. She loved it!

We couldn't forget lil honey dog! She got some dog treats, bones and a few new toys.

The Dutch Mafia Crew! Dad bought them all Dutch Mafia hoodies. They look so good!

Of course we had to do our annual Bellagio trip. It always looks so beautiful.

Rob has his eyes closed once again. It seems to be very hard to get a picture of him with his eyes opened. I still think that it is pretty good.

Darla is teaching Peyton how to pose. Pretty hot stuff!!

Blow me a kiss baby :)

Below is Peyton opening her gifts from dad. She had no clue of what she was getting. It was a pretty good reaction.