Saturday, November 29, 2008

The FEAST!!!

Thnaksgiving was great!! Everything was perfect! Rob's mom and boyfriend Charlie came down from Bend. I'm so glad that they live so close now that we can get together. After Joe played in the Turkey Bowl with Rob he cam over with Nyckie and Jadyn. Dad and Theresa cam over around noon. I am so lucky to have family that lives close by. We had such a great time. Joe and Nucke left around 1:00 to go up to her parents for dinner. As you can see we had a wonderful FEAST!
Everone digging in to all the luscious food. Thanks everyone for all your help preparing the food and bring stuff for it. It was all so very good!!

Charlie got into Peyton's tutu from Barbie's wedding. I had to get a picture. :)

Nice dance move!!

I think we made dad wait a little to long for his dinner. He looks like he is going a little crazy!!

Dad is trying to make up for the picture above. :)

Jadyn didn't quit know what to think about the olives. She did like to feed them to everyone.

Papa and Peyton relaxing playing with his Iphone.

I love this picture of them.

Rob with his precious dog. She never leaves his side. She is with him always when he is home.

These were are snacks before dinner. Rob was needingn to recharge after the Turkey Bowl game.

This is a video of Jadyn and the olives on her fingers. It's pretty cute.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Famous Turkey Bowl!!!

Rob plays in a Turkey Bowl every Thanksgiving! Peyton goes with him every year! While they go to the Turkey Bowl I go to the gym. It is way to cold for me to sit out there. This year I had Peyton take pictures. She also took some video. She did a great job!!! So this is the winning team!! Rob is on it of course. His always has to win :)

The next few pictures are of the game.

There were a few injuries!! Nate's earring somehow got torn out of his ear!! I'm telling yeah these boys are crazy, but they love it!!!

Nice elbow burn!!! They will be feeling these injuries in the morning :)

I think Peyton dropped the camerea on this one.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day of Twilight!!!!

We loved Twilight so much we decided to make a day out of it and visit some of the sites where the movie was filmed. It was so cool cuz the had a huge party on Thurs and Friday evening and had set it up the same way it was when they filmed it. We didn't go to the party, but I think it was even better cuz we didn't have to deal with a ton of people and we got to do and see everything that all of the people that went to the party but we didn't have to spen $50!! What a great deal!!! Look below to see our ADVENTURE :)

My mom, Peyton and I all went to the midnight show for Twilight!!! We had such a good time and mom stayed up for the whole show!! We loved it!! It was AMAZING! Anyway after we got some sleep we made reservations to have lunch at the place where the filmed the prom scene!!! I know so cool!! So this is us at the View Point Inn. They had a huge party up there for the opening of the show so everything was set up just how it was when they filmed it.The prom had a Monte-Carlo theme. This is where Edward and Bella walked through and had there picture taken!!

In the movie this is where Edward and Bella got there picture taken when they first arrived at the prom.

Outside they have a brick walkway where they walked to go dancing. On the bricks are the names of the characters.

Ok for all who have seen the movie the very last scene where Victoria is looking through the window watching Edward and Bella dance. This is the window where they filmed that! And see the curtain...Mom bought some of that fabric. Very cool!!

They have this cut out of Jasper right next to the window above.

Ok this is inside the View Point Inn where they shot all the scenes of them dancing and playing poker inside.

And this is where they filmed the dancing outside scenes. We had such a great time!! We can't wait to see the movie a trillion times over :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Twilight Opens Nov. 21st!!!! Horray!!!

Peyton had to do a book report and a project to go along with it. She decided that she wanted to make a movie trailer!!! So Darla and I helped her make it. Since the theme of our website is Twilight this month I thought I should put it on. She did so great and her teacher loved it!! Said it was the best project she has ever seen!! It is a little grainy but oh well it looks awesome on the tv! Enjoy!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Night!!!

Peyton was a pirate!! Doesn't she look awesome! I just love this picture. It was pretty windy and as I was taking the picture a big gust blew and it made her skirt go flying!!

This is some of Peyton's best friends! They all went trick or treating together. This is the first year we let her go with out us! Actually we ended up meeting up with them a little while later. :)

They had so much fun!! If any of you have seen Peyton's movie trailer you might recognize the kid in the white. That is Tyler and her other friend is Alex. I will be posting Peyton's movie trailer as soon as Darla sends it to me!!

Joe and Nyckie came over so we could go around with Jadyn. Don't they look adorable. :)

Jadyn had so much fun!! She was just running around and loving all the decorations. She was so excited to see Peyton.

She was so cute. She keep trying to keep up with Peyton and her friends. You could tell she wanted to with the big kids! It was too cute!

What a happy family!! We had so much fun with them! Thanks for coming over :)

This house was so cool! We got there a little late, but earlier they had a guy dressed up as a goblin and the whole inside of there garage was a haunted garage. But there motorcycle was pretty awesome looking so I had to get a picture.

Another picture of the awesome motorcycle! Peyton is giving the devil man a sly look!

On our way back home after a full night of Trick or Treating!!

Jadyn all tuckered out! How precious :)

Honey hated this costume so she wasn't in it very long at all! But I had to get a couple of pictures cuz she looked so cute!!

She is probably thinking I can't believe you put me in this!! You can't be serious!!

The Burns family came over to see us (Tiffany, James, and little Casey). They were the cutest skunk family ever! I just loved there costumes.