Thursday, October 23, 2008

Apple Festival at Portland Nursey

This is Peyton and her best friend Adair at the Apple Festival!! It was so much fun. They had like 40 different kinds of apples to sample and a bunch of different kinds of pears. The carmel apples were delicious! The girls had fun getting balloon hats made for them! Don't they look cute :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gettysburg, PA

Soldiers National Monument. This is on the hill that changed everything in the civil war. Had the Union not have stationed no this hill turning the battle in there favor who knows where things would be today. It was an amazing feeling being on that field.
Another picture with some of the cannons
The small stone walls are still everywhere.

This is in a Monument in soldiers cemetery for all the soldiers that died from New York. Out of all the states New York lost the most men.
Replica of a union soldier
Some of the guns used in the War at Gettysburg

Grandma Linda was with us on the whole trip! We had such a great time and we are so very glad that she was able to come with us. Love Ya

Intercouse, PA :)

The Kitchen Kettle was so cute! It had so many stores we had a great time! Bobby hates this picture. He was very embarrassed when we were talking it :)
Peyton and I pretending to milk a cow
Cute little Amish couple riding there bikes

It was so crazy to see buggy's in the middle of the rode. I really felt like I was back in olden times. It was so crazy!
Peyton decorating a gingerbread man
She can't wait to eat it!
Grandma Linda and Peyton in front of one of the buggy's in the parking lot.

Philadelphia, PA

I loved Philly!! This is out in front of Independence Hall. It was so fun seeing all the sights in National Treasure :)
Other side of Independence Hall. I think this is the front actually.
Ok this is really cool! This is where they actually signed the Declaration of Independence!! How cool is that!
Bobby and Peyton acting crazy inside Independence Hall.
She was doing handstands everywhere! The little kids in the background were loving it :)
Peyton is putting her vote in for President.

I think that this was one of the coolest things! This is called Signers Park. It is right nest to Independence Hall. It is to honor all the signers of the Declaration of Independence. That statue is of George Clymer! That would be our relative who signed both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution!! How cool is that!
Peyton just that is was the coolest thing ever! As you can tell.
This is a close up of the plaque above so you can actually read it.
Peyton having fun in the visitors center
We just happened to be in Philly the first day that they played the Dodgers in the playoffs. We weren't very popular.

This is a tunnel that Ben Franklin walked through everyday to get to his house. Pretty neat!
This was Ben Franklin's print shop. It had to have taken forever to print anything.
Another picture of the printing press.
Crazy guy playing one of Ben Franklin's inventions. He really loves his job :)
Ben Franklin's grave site!

Betsy Ross house
Betsy Ross Grave site. It is in the courtyard next to her house.
This is in the courtyard next to her house.
The very first residential street in the nation!! It was so cool. Some of the houses on that street have people living in them. Wouldn't it be cool to live in a house that was the first house in the nation!
This was the church that Ben Franklin, George Washington and Betsy Ross attended. Those are graves inside the church. I guess that back then it was a very big honor to be buried in the church.

We just loved this little squirrel
Sand sculpture in Franklin Square. It was very cool!
Other side of the sand sculpture
Tony Luke's home of the best Philly cheese steak sandwich in the world!! It was my first Philly cheese steak and it was phenomenal!!

Rob loves this place. He was very excited to take us here.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

New York City!!!

Lady Liberty!! She is so cool! I think this was my favorite thing in New York!
Crazy statue man. It was pretty funny :)
Peyton was doing handstands all over the place. There was a bunch of kids from a school asking her to do them over and over. She loved it!
I took a ton of pictures of the flag but I think this one is my favorite. It is one the grounds of the Statue of Liberty
Ok I had to put this pic on. We are sitting there looking out towards the Manhattan skyline and it is just beautiful, and then you look over and see this!!
Like I said she was doing handstands everywhere. That is the Manhattan skyline behind her.
This is the actual size of Lady Liberty's face. It's huge!

Ok this is ground zero. You can 't see much cuz they are doing construction. So this picture is taken from an observatory window.
Another pic of ground zero

Ellis Island
Inside Ellis Island. This is where they unloaded all of there luggage and waited for there medical check.
New York Fire Department Ladder Company 10. The are right across the street from where the Twin Towers were.
They lost 6 men in 9/11. This is a memorial to those men.
This is part of a huge bronze plaque on the side of Ladder Company 10. It was such a weird feeling being there. This plaque was really cool. I wish I would have been able to get the whole thing.

Peyton and I waiting for the subway. We finally figured out how to use it the day we were leaving :)
An awesome Horse Policeman
This was way cool. It is the sphere that was in front of the World Trade Center. On the other side there is a huge hole. The whole top was blown out.
The bull on Wall Street. It's the bull on Hitch!
Manhattan and Brooklyn Skyline

Central Park. Peyton and I had fun here going and seeing all the sights where they have filmed movies!
More handstands in Central Park
Ok Peyton and I absolutely loved this diner. It is called Stardust. All of the waitresses and waiters sing to you while you eat. It was so fun. Most of them have been in off Broadway shows. They might even be singing while they serve you your food. I could see Luke working here!
Peyton ordered a banana split at Stardust
If you couldn't tell she loved it!!

While we were in New York and DC went went on the double decker buses. They were so fun. So this is when we were riding on the bus. That is the Brooklyn Bridge in the background.
We stayed in Jersey, so this is us waiting for the bus into NYC
Ok I just thought this was crazy how they park. Since there is no room to park anywhere this is how they have there parking.
This is the pier from I am Legend!! That's the Brooklyn Bridge on the left.
United Nations. They were in session. That is why the flags are all up.

Saint Patricks Cathedral. It is so beautiful.
Inside St Patricks Cathedral. There were so many stained glass windows!

This is the organ inside St Patricks Cathedral
Rockefeller Center. They were installing the skating rink.

Time Square!!Tiles for America. The tiles were made by children in NYC for the victims of 9/11
Will Smiths house in I am Legend!
Chinese Restaurant in China Town
Washington Memorial

Grand Central Terminal

That is 24k gold. There were a lot of buildings decorated in gold. They were built during the golden era when people had nothing better to do with there money then decorate there house with it.
Trump Towers
Carnegie Hall